Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wedding Day: Ceremony Details

B and I picked our ceremony location on a whim. After visiting a winery out in the Oregon countryside, and getting completely lost, we were on the hunt for something outdoors, close to home, but special. Thanks to Google, we found Cathedral Park, and pledged to arrive on January 2nd, 2014 to secure our date. Little did we know that it involved camping in front of Portland City Hall the night before to ensure thousands of other newly engaged couples didn't snag our preferred date and location. In the end it was totally worth it, it made for a fantastic story, and brought us closer. 

On our wedding day we woke up to ominous grey skies, and shortly thereafter it began pouring. There wasn't a ray of sunshine in sight. I kept reminding myself that rain meant good luck, but deep down, I had a huge pit in my stomach from thinking about all of our guests getting soaked while we exchanged vows. As my dad was escorting me to our car, the rain slowly began to dissipate, and as we were about to drive across the bridge to the ceremony, the rain cleared and blue skies emerged. The gods were on our side! 

In the end, the partly cloudy conditions made for absolutely breathtaking pictures of Cathedral Park. Bonnie and her team from Punch Portland made the park look like an oasis from the stormy skies. Here are a few more gorgeous snippets from Bethany Small.


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