Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dune with a View

With much of our Summer being dedicated to wedding planning, B and I realized our camping season was quickly disappearing. With the list of To-Do's slowly growing, we decided to take an impromptu camping trip to the coast to unplug and recharge. 

Despite living in Oregon for well over a year, I had yet to visit the Oregon beach, and was excited to have my first glimpse of the Pacific from the Northwest. After a long traffic-filled journey, we ended up in Florence, just over three hours Southwest of Portland. With not much planning, we were lucky to snag a camp spot just before the sunset, and enjoyed our favorite freeze-dried camper fare, along with a few glasses of wine to help stay warm.

After a solid nights sleep in our sleeping bags, we set out to explore the Dunes - a sandy expanse nestled between the omnipresent Oregonian Evergreen forests and desolate beaches. You truly feel like you've landed in the middle of the Sahara. While shielding our faces from the sandy wind, we enjoyed some barefoot hill workouts with not a soul to be seen for miles. After getting our fix of elevated heart rates, we returned to camp to build a fire and reflect on another fantastic adventure together, and the excitement the rest of the month has to bring. While this weekend wasn't my most fashionable moment, it certainly is a moment B and I will cherish forever.

{Hat: Nike; Sports Bra: Nike; Shorts: Nike}

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