Thursday, September 12, 2013

On Top of the Clouds

After settling into island time in Hawaii, B and I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime - backpacking and camping Haleakala. After driving 10,000 feet to the summit, we spent the better part of our second day slowly ascending into the crater of the volcano. The beauty and vastness of the dozens of micro-ecosystems we encountered are truly indescribable, and I feel that even pictures don't give it justice.

Despite being well equipped in our best Nike gear, and in good shape, your legs have a hard time getting used to hiking down steep grades on sand that your feet sink into, and by the time we made it to our remote campsite in Paliku, we were ready for some relaxation. 

After pitching our tent in the deserted field framed by lush rocky cliffs, we relaxed and dined on our finest camping fare. From sardines, apples, crackers and cheese to boxed wine, jerky and trail mix, it might have been one of the most satisfying meals of our lives after our epic journey. With the grass as our blanket, we sprawled out, soaking up the respite from our backpacks, and just enjoyed time being completely unplugged - naming cloud shapes as they whizzed by, and anxiously awaiting our million star accommodations as the sun quickly fell behind a Hawaiian volcanic hill. 

Before tucking ourselves in for the evening, B took me on a mysterious field trip a short, but chilly walk from our tent. The clearing we found ourselves in I will remember for the rest of my life. While looking up at constellations I didn't even know exist, B shared with me that this spot was were he shared his first kiss at the age of 14 in a game of truth or dare. He was returning here with me, as he wanted to ask me to be his forever kiss. After 20 years of searching for what true love is, he found it with me - and I found it with him. While we shivered in the cold and embraced, he slowly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And I said yes. 

His name is Brian, and I'm going to be his wife. I cannot describe how excited and happy we are. 

{Summit Embrace: Top: Nike Gyakusou; Shorts: Nike; Backpack: North Face; Tank: Nike; Shoes: Nike}

{Park Entrance}
{Above the clouds}
{Hitching a ride to the trailhead}

{The crater}

{Taking it all in}

{The lonely path}

{B the trailblazer}

{Yet another micro-ecosystem encounter}

{Looking for Nene birds}

{Soaking up the lunch break}

{Lava rock fields}

{Base camp arrival}

{Ethereal Sunset}

{Tent Master B}

{Dragon clouds rolling in on Paliku}

{A cause for celebration}


  1. Congratulations, Linds! I'm so happy you met your match ;)

  2. congratulations once again lindsey!!!