Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hiking Haleakala

Tomorrow, B and I embark on yet another exciting trip together - Maui! This will be my first time to the state of Hawaii, and our itinerary is brimming with possibilities. I am so excited to have my best friend as my pilot on this new adventure.  

For the first two days in Maui, we will camp. The first night, on the beach near Paia, and on the second night at Paliku in the Haleakala crater. In order to make the journey to our second night's destination, we will hike 10 miles through the volcanic terrain in Haleakala National Park, and ascend almost 11,000 feet! I've obviously packed some of my favorite Nike gear to tackle this rugged topography, and extreme climate. Haleakala is known for is breathtaking views, and vast temperature range - believe it or not it gets close to freezing at the summit! By the time we make camp in the crater, we are looking forward to some delicious mountain man fare: sardines, crackers, cheese, trail mix, and of course - red wine.

Not only will this be my first time in Hawaii, it will be my first attempt at backpacking as well, but with B by my side, I'm guaranteed to have a great time and make it out unscathed. I look forward to sharing snippets of our journey with you soon! You can stay updated on the latest and greatest of course on my Instagram page: Stumptown_Shopgirl.

{Gloves, Vest, Shirt (Gyakusou), Leggings, Kigers: Nike; Socks: Wigwam; Lamp: Black Diamond}
{Backpack: The North Face; Jacket: Nike - similar HERE}

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  1. This sounds like an amazing vacation!!!! I am sure you will have an unbelievable time--- please take tons of photos!