Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pioneering in PDX

My new stomping ground in Stumptown has so many things to offer. From breathtaking trails reminiscent of enchanted forests, to a variety of cuisines almost rivaling the options found in NYC, and shopping that appeases my range of wardrobe moods, from snappy sneakers to trendy trousseaus.  

During my first weekend in PDX, while still living out of a suitcase, I decided to use my free time to explore my new surroundings. Chewy and I packed up a picnic in a backpack, and headed to Washington Park and Forest Park. There is something so much more approachable about parks in Portland than in NYC. Maybe it's just the absence of your standard New York crowds, but the skies seem more open, and the landscape more inviting. It's hard to imagine your still within city limits; after a 10 minute walk from downtown you're able to escape any sign of a city and lose yourself in forests, rose gardens and outdoor grassy amphitheaters. 

{Forest Park Leif Ericson Trail in Gyakusou X Nike}
{Chewy in Washington Park}

{The Entrance to Washington Park}

{Trees in Bloom in Washington Park}

{Awkward stance in Forest Park}

{The view from the Rose Garden Summit}

{Chewy posing naturally}

{Sasquatch-ing in Forest Park}

{Done with posing.}

{The path home}


  1. Lindsey, your new home is so pretty! I love that you're enjoying it so much.
    xo Josie

  2. Very nice outdoor outfit. Can you tell which is the best body shaper on the market?


  3. I love those trails in Portland! And that jacket is adorable!