Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jazzy Christmas

{Holiday Window Shopping Necessities: Dress: Rag & Bone; Bracelets: Nike Fuel Band, Hermes, Madewell, Gifted; Boots: Prada - similar HERE; Hosiery: Falke}
There's no better way to get into the Holiday Spirit than window shopping in New York City. With the elaborate decor and moody window displays, I always get that magic feeling in my heart, no matter how much of a scrooge bah-hum-bug mood I'm in. This past Friday, after grabbing drinks and naughty treats at The Smith's new location in Lincoln Center with a friend from work, I wandered around uptown Manhattan drooling over the window displays at Bergdorfs. If there's one thing to add to your list of to-do's while in the Big Apple over the holidays, it's paying a visit to the window displays around town. No one does them up like we do.  P.S. - this one's for you Mom! XO (you can find more snaps of my holiday windows on Instagram HERE)


  1. So far I've only seen the Lord & Taylor windows because I walk by them every day, haha....I should try to see the others but I'm always too tired after work

  2. Berdorfs does the BEST displays... Ooooh, you make me so homesick for New York, Lindsay!
    xo Josie

  3. Do they keep these things up after the holidays? It seems like so much work. There are people who are just professional window dressers, right? That is probably the most frustrating job ever. Also - cute dress!

  4. I really love holiday windows. When we were living in Chicago we were just off Michigan Ave. and I loved all of the holiday windows as they went up! You look great in the R&B dress!