Friday, October 19, 2012

Game Day: NWM13.1

If you ever have the opportunity to register for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco or Washington D.C., I suggest you jump on it. I've never been in a more inspiring race than this one. Surrounded by 25,000 other women all fighting for the same goals, battling the same hills and uniting in victory at the end - you can't help but get goosebumps at the starting line, and feel a little overwhelmed by emotions at the finish.

I feel so fortunate to be one of Nike Sportswear's female brand ambassadors, and cherish the opportunity I had to meet the other Runway Crews from around the U.S. From San Francisco, to LA, and even my current stomping ground of NYC - you ladies rock! 

On race day, I strapped on my most reliable Nike Volt inspired gear to get me pumped up in Union Square, to zip up those San Francisco hills along the Presidio, and cruise down to the finish line on the Great Highway. There's something about feeling confident in your running gear that gives you an extra edge to push harder. A big thanks to Ja Tecson for snapping a shot of me after crossing the finish line and somehow managing to make me not look like a sweaty mess! (PS - if you are in LA this weekend, be sure to check out his art show at Kicks in Brentwood on 10/20!

{Windrunner Jacket & AW77 Sweatshirt: Nike Sportswear; Running T-Shirt: Nike Miler; Compression Socks: Nike; SportsBra: Nike Pro; Shorts: Nike Tempo ; Shoes: Nike Lunarglide+ 4}

{Gameday Outfit}

{Official Number}

{NSW Original Runway Crew, geared up at the starting line!}


  1. I could not wake up at that ungodly hour that you guys obviously did and go for a quick marathon jaunt. I can barely get my ass out of bed for a shower. :) Well done and congrats!

  2. I am so impressed with your running and how great you look doing it! Hmmmm... I wonder if I should get into running once I have this baby!

  3. Way to go! And those Nike shorts are my all-time favorites.
    xo Josie

  4. Way to go Linds!!! What an amazing accomplishment!!!! And of course you looked adorable while doing it!