Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Outnet: Iris & Ink Preview

Mark your calendars ladies, The Outnet is launching their very own fabulous line on September 18th. Entitled "Iris & Ink" the pieces focus on affordable key wardrobe staples from your cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, leather focal pieces and feminine work wear. I was able to sneak a peek at the Reward Style event over the weekend, and was drooling over the quality of the fabrics, and pristine craftsmanship of each design. While the price point isn't completely steal worthy (ranging from $90 - $500), you certainly won't want to miss out on the premier Iris & Ink.

{Pussybow blouse: $125}

{Leather Dress: $520}

{Cashmere Sweater:$188}


  1. I am really excited for this--- okay, maybe I won't be indulging in this season (belly and all!), but love the idea of it for the future.

  2. That royal blue top -- I DIE.
    xo Josie