Monday, June 18, 2012

Signs of Summer

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day is a glass of wine on our balcony. I received my first shipment of wine from Club W, and it is certainly my new favorite way to treat myself.
On Friday, after grabbing a mani-pedi at my favorite local nail salon, I hustled home to get a head start on the weekend. While the sun was still up, I lounged on my porch with my sunglasses, enjoying a flavorful bottle of Petite Sirah from California while also planning the weekend ahead. There's something about wine that just makes any ordinary occasion extra special.

{c/o Enjoying my Club W Petite Sirah X Moda Operandi Lunettes}
{first tomatoes of the season}
{summery shimmer with Essie}


  1. How perfectly summer all of this is! I can't wait until Lukus and I spend our first evening lounging on the roof deck. First order of buisness: UNPACK the boxes!

  2. Those sunglasses are pretty freaking sweet. I'm so jealous of you jerks with perfect vision - I have to pick one pair of sunglasses and stick with 'em for a while because contacts are not my friend. Kramer has a pair of wooden sunglasses that he wears around despite not being able to see a damn thing in them, but as I am of the smarter sex and like being able to read signs and walk in a straight line, I'll have to tough it out with my one pair.

  3. I adore your nails! And wasn't this weekend just gorgeous? I took so many long walks -- so beautiful!
    xo Josie

  4. Wine on the balcony is the BEST way to unwind! Love the growing tomatoes, and your nails look fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray