Monday, April 30, 2012

Un Peu de Mon Week-end

 I hope everyone had a great weekend! I enjoyed a night out in Manhattan Friday  eve to celebrate a friend's birthday, which undoubtedly resulted in too much pizza consumption on my end. By the time Saturday arrived, I was in dire need of a day in - sometimes you just need to hibernate after a long week at work.

I have developed a slight obsession with silver cups ever since my first taste of a mint julep last year. When I found a candle at Anthropologie on sale this Friday, I couldn't resist to pick one up as a gift for my friend, and one for myself as well (I can never resist temptation). Here is un peu de mon week-end.


  1. your weekend sounds like perfection! love that anthropologie candle! xx

  2. I loooove that YSL Arty, it's so pretty with the flecks of gold :)
    I ate far too much this weekend too...

  3. Awww.www.... love a good mint julep cup~~~~ casual glamour!

  4. I'm sort of in love with the YSL ring.. I keep wanting to get myself one.

  5. That candle is SO cute! And that ring, oh -- be still, my heart.
    xo Josie