Friday, February 17, 2012

The Getaway Plan.

Although it hasn't been nearly as bitter as last year, winter in the city has been dragging on. With fashion week wrapping up, and my 9 to 5 being busy as ever, I am in dire need of a vacation! Thankfully I have a trip to Paris to look forward to next week, and it honestly can't get here soon enough.

Net-A-Porter received some fabulous new arrivals that certainly have been fueling my desire for sand, sun and relaxation. How perfect is this Bottega Veneta Bikini? Too bad it won't be warm enough in Paris. Maybe I'll find an indoor pool... Now I just need to justify paying half a month's rent on a swimsuit.


  1. Your off to Paris again?!?! Can I "hate you" in an actually "really hope you have an amazing trip" sort of way? Oh, and while I am at it--- I want this bikini!

  2. Beautiful bikini, the price is a bit over the top though

    Enjoy Paris !
    new outfit post

  3. Your getaway sounds AWESOME. And that suit is seriously stunning.
    xo Josie

  4. LOVE that!!! I just bought two one-pieces though...haha...trying to stay away from bikinis now. I look good in them but I feel self conscious because I am so exposed.

  5. I see a DIY for myself! Thanks for inspiration!

  6. I absolutely love how structured this swinsuit is! I may have to make one for myself :)

    Natasha ~

  7. Bikini need want got to have!!!!!

    Have fun :)

    Love k