Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mankiller: The Destroyer.

Thanks for bearing with me while I drone on and on about how fabulous Nike Sportswear is!

My experience with the Nike Runway Crew was a dream come true. Not only did I meet 7 other talented, beautiful, inspiring and intelligent women, I formed dozens of new lifelong friendships from Oregon to California, New York and in-between. Enjoy this quick summation of the weekend:

Before catching some zzz's for race day, Nike had one more fabulous surprise in store for us. Their L.A. team furnished us with custom Nike Destroyer jackets, something that has definitely been on my wishlist (ladies, letter jackets are all the rage this season, and Nike has a fabulous AND affordable option! check it out HERE). It was so fun personalizing our jackets with pins, and showing them off in true bad ass form with a photo shoot in The Mission.

I won't submit you to the torture of sweaty race day photos... but to sum it up, after 26.2 miles of determination, it was my family and new group of friends that got me over the finish line the next day. I already miss everyone I met - from the Runway Crew, to the Entourage, Optimist Reps and Nike peeps - and hope our paths will cross again! This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life, and has undoubtedly made me a Nike loyalist. Do you think Nike can find a way into your everyday wardrobe too?

{Nike Destroyer jacket, similar one HERE; Nike AW77 Hoodie; Nike Leggings; gremlin grin not for sale}

{thugs for life}

{the line up.}

{important conversations}
{too cool for school}


  1. So much fun! I'd never be able to run that far without dying...haha

  2. I love these pics they are everything that is wonderful about women and their friendships - fab post x

  3. I think this entire series of posts have been awesome. It's so fantastic what you participated in. I really love these pictures. 

  4. Don't apologize!  I love reading all of these posts!!!! And the jacket is pretty cool!

  5. Those jackets are awesome! I love the back graphic. And the video is great- makes me want to work out :)

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  6. It definitely looks like you had a great time! Congratulations on getting to participate and on finishing the race!

  7. That is such a fabulous experience. Making friends and enjoying the adventure are the best parts. :)

  8. You are amazingly gorgeous and inspirational! I wanna go running right NOW!