Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogger Wishlist: Le SFK Chain

I know Halloween is just around the corner, but its time us ladies start to fine tune our Christmahanakwanza Lists. As a blogger, its hard to stay chic when snapping shots around the city with a giant camera strap wrapped around your neck. Wardrobe threat no more, I give you the SFK Chain. Designed by former Teen Vogue Accessories Editor, Sarah Frances Kuhn, the SFK Chain is every fashion bloggers dream come true, and at a price point we can all agree on. Get those holiday wish lists ready ladies!
{The Classic: $55.00)

{The Deluxe Classic: $65.00}

{The Wristlet: $45.00}
*Images courtesy of SFK website


  1. Wow, that gold camera chain is looking so fab. i´ve been wishing for a gorgeous leather bag for my DSLR but now, I might change my mind. Perhaps a chain is much better?

  2. The black classic chain is on my wishlist today too!

  3. These are too fun. I met a blogger at the Blogger Brilliance Conference back in September who had DIY'd one of these from an old purse she had. It looked SO GOOD!

  4. These are SO cute!! Love this idea.