Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Kaiser

Despite the chilly temperatures in Amsterdam, Stephen and I anxiously awaited our evenings there so we could explore the infamous nightlife scene. During our final evening we toasted to a fabulous trip at our hotel, and braved the streets for a night of dancing at Paradisio... and even ran into my old friend Karl...

{Blouse: Madewell; Shorts: Rag & Bone; Shoes: Prada

{lounging in the lobby of our hotel}

{Drinks at our hotel}

{The Kaiser made an appearance that night.}


  1. You look so cute.. you have such a "sweet face." Have a great time in Amsterdam. I'd love to visit there soon. xoxo.

    also, good luck with your marathon! 

  2. i love the shorts..... especially you modeling them with your hands in the pocket!

  3. Fabulous - love the short and you look so happy - which is what it is all about - enjoy! x

  4. That framed snake skin (I think) behind you is so cool! This post makes me want a beer, haha.

  5. thanks so much, you are too nice! :-)

  6. you and me both! is it 5 o'clock yet?!