Monday, September 12, 2011

Dans le Parc

During our first day in Brussels, Stephen and I decided to pick up some treats from the bodega by our hotel and enjoy a leisurely picnic in the park. It had gorgeous views of the Palais du Roi, and the temperature was absolutely perfect. We were jet-lagged and in need of some relaxation - the perfect reason to sport a comfy outfit and indulge in some rose and local beer.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of my trip with you... Hope you are enjoying fashion week!


  1. Hell yeah! We need to be less sticklers about drinking in the park in the US - it makes the view even better.

  2. You look adorable and drinking in the park is a must!  I got your message, today was crazy (it was my anniversary, plus I went to 4 shows today.... SWOLLEN FEET!), I will call you tomorrow!