Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tarte aux Mûres et Brugnons

{bon appétit}

Nothing is better than summer fruit. I remember growing up, my Great Grandmother Weise had a giant blackberry bush that I would sit by and eat the fruit off of every summer. Even though there weren't any blackberries leftover to make her infamous jam, those memories always leave a fond nostalgic feeling in my stomach.

I had some leftover nectarines and blackberries from the farmer's market this weekend and was dying to make something easy and delicious. I didn't have much in my cupboard, and scoured the internet for something quick and delicious. The Galette Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere made looked too delicious for words, and luckily required only a few ingredients. The only thing I omitted was spreading preserves on afterward, as I really wanted to maintain the rustic element of the dish and embrace the fresh ingredients. (Did I mention this was a great way to practice my French for my FIAF classes?} Now if only I lived in Paris...

{Les Mûres et Les Brugnons}
{le produit final}


  1. That is absolutely beautiful... and looks completely delicious!!!!!!

  2. Looks so good! 'Tis the season for galettes! 

  3. That looks so good!