Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snippets from Last Night

Stephen and I met up last night for dinner and drinks with his sister, Erica, and mom, Dede, after their funfilled day with Gilt Group, Gossip Girl and Eric Daman. Erica was lucky enough during her trip to Gossip Girl studios to peruse the entire wardrobe departement, and even walked away with a necklace worn by Serena during the infamous Blaire/Serena showdown at a Parision fountain (I'm just a teensy bit jealous...). Over a fragant glass of Barbera wine at Babbo, we reflected on her dreamy day (she has really been living it up after winning their contest!), and then continued on to Beauty and Essex for a nightcap. Here are some snippets from last night...

{A Gossip Girl's Evening Essentials: Bubbles, Phone, Lipgloss: Kate Spade - oh and Serena's necklace...}



  1. Oooh i love a girly night out x

  2. Ummm... I love how gorgeously decadent everything is!!!

  3. I'm glad that you guys got to go to Babbo!