Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm completely giddy with excitement. My Dad surprised me with a brand new DSLR camera as an early birthday present. Now y'all just have to bear with me as I perfect the art of picture taking... My Theskens' Theory Sale find, Missoni Bangles, McQueen scarf, and Vingage vest were the perfect places to start.

{shirt: Theyskens Theory; shorts: T by Alexander Wang}

{Abalone Shells are the perfect home for Jewelry; Missoni Bangles - similar ones here}

{still drooling over my McQueen scarf...}

{Sgt Pepper-like Buttons: Abbott Kinney find from Venice - similar one here}


  1. Oh how cool - they are amazing - enjoy you pressie x

  2. YAY!!!! what an awesome gift!!!!!!! And your photos already look great :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE you lucky duck!! I totally tried for that top, too, but they didn't have my size :(  AHH I'm in the market for a DSLR too, which kind did you get?  I'm sooo lost on this one... the old Canon was nice, but I'm thinking I might branch out.

    ANyways, you're looking like a pro-style photog already! And thanks for the comment, of courseeee we can be BFFs!

  4. I went for the budget Canon Rebel T3 kit - I find it very easy to use and perfect for a complete novice like myself! If you have a bigger budget than I, my Dad got himself a 40D kit (which comes with a bit better lens than the 18/55 mm that came with mine). What kind do you have right now? Cameras are so addicting now that I'm stepping up from my crumby point and shoot!

  5. Happy early birthday! That McQueen scarf is amazing!