Friday, July 29, 2011

MW by Matthew Williamson

I was beyond fortunate enough to be able to attend the launch of Matthew Williamson's new diffusion line MW by Matthew Williamson last night at his store in the Meatpacking District. The event was hosted by Refinery 29, and was filled with fabulous fashionistas, refreshing cocktails by Belvedere... and did I mention an absolute pristine collection of ensembles by the man himself? It was the night dreams are made of, and surrounded by so many perfect articles of clothing left me giddy with excitement (and the need to burn some serious plastic).

If I had indulged in one more grapefruit spritzer, I would have undoubtedly walked out with a few pieces hidden in my satchel... I seriously can't wait to max out my credit card,  add these pieces to my wardrobe - they are so affordable AND just as fabulous as his namesake line. With a mix of exotic and drool-worthy prints, fringe adorned tees, and sumptuous buttery leather skirts, you can guarantee ever girl in town will want their hands on these pieces. I can only hope my next paycheck arrives soon enough for me start shopping...

{that dj is one lucky lady, I would kill to be able to wear that dress}

{see that dress behind the gold shorts? that's mine, paws off}

{the collection is pristine}

{don't you want it all?}

After the event, I loitered around a bit to extend my thanks on to Matthew and Dree for a fabulous evening. Although I behaved like a blabbering idiot, I walked away on cloud nine after Dree and Matthew stroked my new Cambridge Satchel - my life is complete ladies and gentlemen. They are seriously two of the sweetest people I've encountered in the fashion industry, and always have time to indulge a crazy fangirl such as myself.

{how gorgeous are they? I wish I was Dree and MW was my BFF...}


  1. What a cool night - i saw her in Bluebird once and she was sooo nice - have a really good one x

  2. Lovely!! You're so lucky :)  Looks like you had lots of fun!


  3. The collection looks amazing--- and yes, I want it all!  Super jealous!  (oh and I am almost 100% sure I will be in NYC for fashion week!)