Monday, May 2, 2011

The Touch, The Feel of Alpaca, The Fiber of Our Lives

 My parents, who own Tres Amigos Ranch, have been raising alpacas for over 10 years and have taught me a lot about the fiber and how it gets from farm to store. Did you know that alpaca is one of the most luxurious fibers available? Not only is it silky soft, it is also allergen free as it doesn't contain lanolin like sheep's wool. As a relatively new business in the United States, Alpaca fiber is not yet branded like Cotton, and as a result, it's hard for a lot of farms to gain recognition as a fiber provider to textile producers. Like sheep, alpacas are sheared annually, and the process to raise and shear the animals is completely cruelty-free (calling all PETA supporters!).

the natural crimp ensures the fiber stays flexible when woven.  

My mom is an avid spinner, weaver and knitter (did I mention she is amazing?), and is always so generous to gift scarves, slippers and hats for birthdays and holidays. I can say without fail, everything she makes lasts forever and feels great - alpaca is durable and luxurious! Next time you are in your favorite store and try on a knit product that feels a little too soft to be wool, check the label, you might just be wearing alpaca!

Alpaca United was recently founded to help increase recognition of Alpaca fiber, and with your help, we can ensure that locally raised alpaca fiber is available to everyone in the United States. Be sure to check them out online on their webpage or via facebook to learn more!

have you hugged an alpaca today?


  1. Excellent post Lindsey. Thanks for promoting alpaca. I have to agree, your Mom is an amazing lady.

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