Saturday, April 23, 2011

a night in

Last night Stephen and I were in the mood for some serious relaxation. It was pouring outside, he was still exhausted from his trip to Austin and Chewy was giving us "the look." I had purchased some beautiful local Long Neck Clams, and was anxious to use them. I found an enticing recipe for Linguini with Clams and decided to take on my own version - I had all night and a phone nearby for takeout if all else failed! I give you Spinach Linguini with Clams. In the end it all worked out - we popped in our most recent Netflix, Pirate Radio, toasted with some Two Buck Chuck and enjoyed our night in.

I found some delicious pistachios to snack on while cooking

With the extra wine, be sure to pour yourself a glass and enjoy with your favorite cheese!

The final product.

1 comment:

  1. Very elegant ~ love pistachios, wine and cheese and most of all your Yorkie ^_^
    Glad you had an enjoyable rainy evening ^_^