Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Seed, Little Impact

Stephen and I recently watched No Impact Man on Netflix, and were taken aback by Colin Beaven and his family's embracing of a no impact lifestyle. It's flabbergasting to think of how much waste we produce on a daily basis, and thinking of how much we pollute the environment despite items carrying the label of "green," "organic" or "local."

While we aren't ready to create a compost pile under our sink or use bath water to do our laundry, Stephen and I have certainly tried to start making an effort. In a city of convenience and glamor, it's hard to pass up prepackaged meals, shrink-wrapped produce and pretty shopping bags.

The thought of how much disposable items are wasted on a daily basis just by one person is astounding. I've tried to consider adjust small habits to make a difference. At work, I'm trying to use ceramic mugs rather than using a new plastic cup for every coffee and snack break. Even for my Scene It party, I opted for regular plates and cups (which you can add to your collection for very cheap from Crate and Barrel), rather than plastic ware.

With Stephen's trip to Austin this weekend, I really tried to focus on opting for bulk items, buying fresh produce, skipping the unnecessary produce bags, and avoiding prepackaged meals. I enjoyed Bulgar wheat, sweet potatoes, green bell peppers, avocados, almonds, homemade kale chips and oatmeal. I even made homemade pasta sauce this weekend instead of prepackaged sauce!

I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather so I can frequent the farmers markets, which are absolutely amazing in NYC. With the Hudson River Valley just a few miles upstream, the options for local produce and meat are endless. While it only is the little things for now, I feel like making small adjustments here and there can progressively help me achieve a lower impact lifestyle.

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