Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have You Scene It?

Last night, Stephen and I hosted our friends, Sydney, Kramer, Valerie and Tom for a night of indulgence in food, drinks and.... Scene It! It was our first time having a party in our little Brooklyn studio apartment, and we had an absolute blast!

The host

Syd and I :-)

We were busy this week putting some finishing touches on our apartment and prepping food for the party, and I think our hard work really paid off. I splurged on a few new sets of plates and stemware, and finally hung up a few things on our barren walls!  At the party we enjoyed homemade ribs, sage butter and smoked cheddar grilled cheese, hot dogs, coconut cupcakes, popcorn and toasted marshmallow milkshakes! Stephen was an amazing bartender and mixologist extraordinaire. He served up Gimlets, Tonics, Mint Juleps, Martinis... needless to say everyone's thirst was sufficiently quenched by game time!

We split ourselves off as couples teams for Scene It, and the three teams were really neck and neck. Luckily the gameplay is split between movie knowledge and luck of the draw... but I think it's fair to say Stephen and I were definitely in last place.

 In action (photos courtesy of Sydney!)

 Trying to keep score

The spread

Despite losing at our own game, it was a great night filled with fabulous friends, an amazing feast and overflowing cocktail glasses. I can't wait to have another get together again soon!

The Ladies!


  1. It was a blast! Thanks for hosting such an amazing party! We are seriously considering getting a console (or convincing Morgan to get a console) so we can play more often.

  2. We had so much fun with you guys - I really hope we can have a rematch soon! I think getting a console is a great idea! The board game is equally great, and there are a ton of different versions (I'm just a sucker for those buzzers)!