Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventure Runner

Every Sunday, I like to go on a long run.  Long distance runs are truly a spiritual journey for me and it's the perfect way to clear my head before starting another week of work. During my marathon training I discovered a great area, Hudson River Park, along the West Side Highway in Manhattan. It stretches the entire western coast of Manhattan Island and is a very well groomed trail for anyone in the city that needs to stretch their legs. Runners, walkers, cyclists, skaters and everybody in between enjoys this path on a daily basis, and despite all the patrons, you always feel like you own the road when you are there. With the spirit of the marathon still pulsing through my veins, I dragged Stephen out on an 8.5 miler with me last night. We traversed through our neighborhood in Brooklyn, crossed the Brooklyn bridge whilst dodging the frequent tourist, and then explored Downtown Manhattan and moved up along the Hudson River Park path, only to turn around and head home after a little over 4 miles.With that kind of mileage under our belts, we felt a little less guilty for indulging in some of our Easter chocolate.


Have you ever used I've been using it to plan out my routes for the past couple years, and it is absolutely amazing - it determines mileage, elevation and a bunch of other good stuff! Above is a screen shot of my route yesterday.

With the warm spring weather we were treated to this weekend, I've been having the shopping bug! Nike released some awesome vintage inspired women's athletic tees, aren't they amazing?

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