Thursday, March 10, 2011

Depuis Cinq Années et dans deux semaines

This past weekend, Stephen and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. It's funny how time flies when you are having a good time! It seems like just yesterday we met at a small house party in Boulder, sipping Cristalino in true college fashion! We treated each other to a fabulous brunch at Colicchio & Sons Tap Room. Stephen had an egg dish, while I enjoyed a delectable Pain Perdu (aka French Toast). We decided to upgrade from our college days, and opted for a glass of prosecco to celebrate.

5 years ago - not much has changed!

Prosecco Brunch at Colicchio & Sons Tap Room

On Sunday I decided to brave my final pre-race long distance run. It was 50 degrees oustside and I couldn't let a little bit of rain stop me! For 22 miles I enjoyed almost all Manhattan has to offer, from crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, to the Hudson River Park, To the Upper West Side, Midtown, Central Park, Tribeca and beyond. It was a spiritual journey, and I enjoyed sharing the final 8 miles with Stephen by my side (another throwback to our life together in Boulder 5 years ago!). Finishing the run renewed my confidence in being able to take on this Marathon. Which reminds me, holy cow, less than 2 weeks til race day, it sure is sneaking up!

I woke up Monday with a bit of a bum ankle, the Dr. said I have a mild sprain and with rest, elevation, compression and ice I should be able to tough out the race come March 20th. Just send positive vibes my way so I can heal up. It's been such a spiritual journey getting to this point, I am NOT ready to quit.

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