Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Check Mark

I did it. I really did it! Despite torrential downpour, below average temps and a bum ankle, I finished! While I was 30 minutes over my goal time, I was still able to maintain a run (though progressively slower as the miles added up) for the entire 4 hours and 31 minutes of my first marathon!

Each mile presented its own challenges, but I tried to be persistent and stick to my goal: finishing! From Dodger Stadium to Downtown, I was reminded of good times with my friends during the Junior Diabetes walk, and and fabulous meals at Bottega Louie with my old co-workers. As I approached Los Feliz, I reminisced about office errands to East LA and Costco. Hollywood and West Hollywood brought a smile to my face as I recalled exploring my old home with my cousin, Matt, as well as concerts and fun meals with my mom, and friend Alyx. Bev Hills couldn't help but remind me of my days at BHIC, as well as cupcake runs and glam shopping excursions with Annie and Erica. To be honest, for the rest of the run, I was so focused on placing one foot in front of the other, I couldn't bring myself to think of anything other than making it to the finish line and under Erica's dry umbrella!

It was beyond rainy - borderline typhoon weather for the race. No matter how much training you do - nothing can prepare you for the curve ball mother nature throws at you, but I'm glad I stuck to my game plan and didn't walk at all. If it weren't for my amazing family and friends, I certainly couldn't have made it to Ocean & Wilshire - thanks so much Mom, Dad, Stephen, Alyx, Erica and everyone for your love and support!

On my non marathon days, I enjoyed some amazing good ol' days activities.
On Friday, I dragged my friend Alyx to endure the late night crowd in Venice so I could munch on my coveted Kogi Tacos and Sliders.

First thing Saturday Morning, Erica chauffeured me out to Redondo Beach so we could update our tresses with Beto, and afterward I picked up my race packet at Dodger Stadium and enjoyed an amazing Club Sandwich at Bottega Louie. Saturday night, Alyx treated me to a carbo-load dinner with some of her amazing home made pasta sauce.

Sunday was primarily devoted to the race of course, but afterward I munched on some amazing nosh at Baby Blues - ribs avec mac n cheese, corn on the cob, and baked beans - and a spoonful of banana pudding! It was a well deserved calorie fest with my beloved LA posse. That night, A and I relaxed over Star Wars with her fam - they are seriously the sweetest bunch ever, especially when they let me join them for their amazing Sunday night family meals! Monday I walked around WeHo with my cuz, Matt, and enjoy
ed a more healthful LA day - lunch at the Flowering Tree and Coconut Rice later on by his Apartment. We enjoyed watching the Lincoln Lawyer at the Grove with Erica, and then bid adieau. I soaked up my last few hours with E over froyo at Menchie's (best indulgent froyo in the world), and made her endure a parking ticket in Culver City so I could snag some Tender Greens for the plane.

Afterwards I vegged with Alyx. We made a home made meal and enjoyed her boyfriend's favorite movie, 27 dresses... LOL. I bid a sad farewell to all my friends and headed home Tuesday morning... trips go by too fast, I will certainly be back again soon!

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