Tuesday, March 15, 2011

C'est l'heure

Wow. It's already here... no more weekend training, no more tapers, marathon weekend has arrived! As I pack my run gear, sneakers and L.A. wear, I wonder, is this Little Seed ready to tackle what she set out to do 6 months ago? I'm positive, with the confidence of my training under my belt, and the support of my amazing LA posse, I'll be ready to kick butt this Sunday. While it's hard to say how my body will respond when reality hits at 7:20 AM, I think the trip down memory lane from the Stadium to the Sea will provide me with a nostalgia kick sure to keep me going to the finish line. I signed up for a Clif Bar pace team to keep me motivated, and hope to even finish this race sub 4:00... am I getting ahead of myself?

I'm anxious to see Alyx pull up in her little Jetta on Friday, and hitting up Kogi Tacos at the Alibi Room with her, just like the good ol days. I think we'll treat ourselves to some much needed R&R afterwards in her fabulous pad. Saturday is the day of change - Erica and I are hitting up my old Salon for some rouge and vanilla tresses - red for me, blonde for her. Then it's on the pick up my race gear at Dodger Stadium, with a potential quick stop at Louie for some post race confections. My "final meal" will be my Tender Greens standby - Hazelnut Spinach salad with steak and potato puree... heaven on earth! My alarm will wake me up at 4AM Sunday morning... and then my life adventure starts! If you'd like to track my progress, you can register for updates at I'm hoping to be done before 12PM so that I can rest up before hitting up Baby Blues for some much needed LA BBQ in Venice. Monday I'm hanging out with my cuz in WeHo - we'll hike in Runyan, enjoy some local vegan fare, and maybe even see a flick!

This is guaranteed to be a great trip, I can't wait to see all my family and friends, visit my old haunts and take a 2-legged journey down memory lane for my marathon. See you on the other side of 26.2!


  1. You deserve a huge congrats! It was a tough one, indeed!

  2. back at you! congrats on a great (but very wet) run!