Monday, February 21, 2011

Take the plunge

I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend - when in doubt, never back out! It's always very tempting to stay inside and cozy up with your weekend Netflix - but that doesn't add to your life experience. You won't look back in 10 years and think about how glad you were you stayed home to watch that one Hitchcock flick you've never seen. Instead, you'll reflect on the memories you make with friends, and the random adventures in between.

Twice this weekend I was tempted to flake on plans, merely because I was afraid of the cold! After the 70 degree weather we had on Friday, I was tempted to cower inside on the night of my friend's birthday party. It was Stephen who reminded me how excited I was when I received the invitation, and despite my instinct to snuggle under the covers , I painted my face and hit the town. It was the best decision I made on Saturday - her karaoke bash was an absolute blast, and Stephen sung our hearts out until 1 in the morning! A memory we will certainly reflect on fondly for years to come - where else can you hit up an authentic karaoke bar outside of Japan? It was truly an only-in-the-big-apple experience.

After our amazing karaoke evening, I was once again conflicted. I had brazenly signed up for a 10-mile race in Prospect Park for the following morning. The wind was blowing, I was tired, and the thought of running with those 2 things working against me made my stomach turn in knots. Yet when the alarm woke me up 4 hours after my head had hit the pillow, I decided that instead of hitting snooze and pulling the covers up over my head, I'd embrace the same carpe-diem attitude I had the night before. I certainly had not spent $20 on a registration fee and bragged about my diesel weekend plans at work only to flake hours before gun time. So I grumbled over to my dresser and strapped on my running gear, downed a Tylenol and rubbed Vaseline on my face to beat the wind burn. While the first mile of the race was brutal battling my fatigue and slight hangover, by mile 5 I was ready to kick butt. I forced Stephen to endure the finish line wait, and had the biggest grin on my face an hour and a half later when I sprinted through the finish line.

Taking on a devil-may-care attitude undoubtedly contributed to my enjoyment of this weekend. I would like to embrace this mentality as race day approaches - and every day in-between and afterward. It certainly contributes to living a healthy AND eventful life.

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