Monday, February 7, 2011

Mission: Motivation

With the weeks until the LA Marathon melting away, I've continued to look to the small things for motivation - my daily workout checklist, a rewarding post workout steam, and finalizing my trip plans with Erica, Alyx and Matt. The dreary weather in NYC has persisted during my training, and as a result I've been stuck clocking my miles on the treadmill. As the miles amass, so too have my new found marathon runner battle wounds. I've earned my first "marathon tattoo," which is a much more glamorous way of saying the all too painful runner's chafe. I've even lost a toenail - isn't marathon training fabulous?! I'm starting to wonder what the heck I got myself into, and am pondering why I was arrogant enough to think I could take this on! I suppose that is what being a road warrior is all about, tough it out through the pain, otherwise there will be no gain!

On the bright side, I was fortunate enough to win a pair of tickets to Chris McDougall's meet and greet at the very exclusive Core Club in Manhattan this Wednesday. I look forward to seeing him again after reading Born to Run. He is a fabulous motivational speaker, and has some great running stories to hear - truly an inspirational guy! I can only hope his stories of Tarahumara running warriors will whip me back into shape!

Chris is of course the Barefoot Guy - I'm two over from him in the goofy visor :-)

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