Tuesday, February 1, 2011

6 Weeks!

With all this focus on training, I've been such a slacker with my blog! I've been following the "Less is More Plan" from Runner's World and overall have been really pleased with their 3 runs per week approach, I've even sprinkled my Equinox workouts amongst 2-3 of the days to keep things interesting! While my Tuesday & Thursday runs have been bearable, ranging from 3-4 miles with sprints and 5-10 mile tempo runs, the Sunday distance runs have been brutal. I haven't been able to work myself over 16 miles and am starting to doubt myself. With the worst winter recorded temperature and weather-wise in NYC in over 50 years, the not so scenic treadmill workouts are daunting to deal with after 2 hours, no matter what television and music comforts Equinox provides. The waning motivation has left me dreaming of my dining adventures to come upon my brief return to LA. I envision ribs and mac n cheese from Baby Blues, a salad and steak from Tender Greens, wine from BottleRock, a comfort meal from Piknic, and maybe even brunch to reminisce about my old co-workers at Bottega Louie. I guess when your burning these calories, your mind tends to wander on how to replenish them :-)

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