Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Local Bird

I've signed up for my local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving - have you? Time is running out!

As we start counting down the days til Turkey Day, my menu planning thoughts start to loom. I prefer sticking with the customary Turkey Feast as opposed to a ham or roast because Turkey is very lean, especially in comparison to other poultry items! My biggest mission this year to stay in line with my tight budget and healthy lifestyle is to purchase a local, free-range, affordable turkey. Local free-range birds are much healthier than your typical $1.99/lbs Butterball because they are raised in safe, sanitary environments, and aren't plumped with saline solution before being butchered - extra salt is never in line with Little Seed's waistline or pocketbook! After much hunting online, I found a great turkey from Dickson's Farmstand for $4.99/lb - which is a great deal considering most heritage birds start at $7.99/lb. I recommend you start hunting around now for a local birdy for your feast - I can vouch based on my Thanksgiving meal last year, that they are much more flavorful. Whole Foods or any specialty grocery store usually has many options in terms of local birds - you just have to mind that they usually need to be reserved!

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, reserve your bird now to do something good for your tummy and good for the environment!

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