Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 2

The first two weeks of a new LDT have gone relatively smoothly! Despite work being extremely busy, I've been able to keep on track with my meals and save enough energy for evening workouts at the gym. I tend to work best with routines - and as a result I've dedicated a few days of the week to very specific workouts to keep me sane: Monday Boot Camp, Tuesday Runs, Wednesday Cycling, Thursday Weight Train - Saturday and Sunday are my days where I can choose what I'm in the mood for - it is the weekend after all!

Stephen and I have officially made Tuesdays our Running Duo days - so instead of going to the gym, I meet up with him at home and we enjoy a fast-paced run along the Brooklyn Promenade, filled with sprint intervals.

I have officially declared Wednesday my Spin Class days at Equinox. For the past 2 Wednesdays my instructor, Carl, has whipped my but into gear with high speeds and even higher resistance while grooving to some fun beats. It's hard not to enjoy your workout when he's jamming Kanye, Estelle, GaGa, and JT beats!

After 3 days of intense cardio - Thursdays are a much needed break day where I specifically focus on strength training. My abdominals and weights class with Frank at Equinox is an excellent way to whip into shape while still getting some much needed rest from my healthy overdose of cardio. You can expect a post tomorrow featuring some excellent free weight and sit-up routines that are LDT-approved!

For my meals at night - routine has played another big role. Typically I've been paring steamed or baked veggies with my favorite Black Bean Gardenburger. It's so hard to slave in the kitchen after a full day of work and working out - I've found that these Black Bean Gardenburgers provide the protein and necessary carbs to refuel after hitting the gym while the veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus...) give me a few extra vitamins to keep me healthy! Speaking of - my friend Alyx just started an amazing food blog that will definitely help provide some affordable, quick and easy variety of meals for me during the week. Check out Shoestring Kitchen :-)

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  1. Hehe, thanks for the mention... I feel so cool:) xoxo -A