Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Halloween is only a few days away... have you picked out your costume? I tried to go budget friendly this year, and spent a grand total of $10 on sunglasses for my costume. I'm going to wear all black with my new shades and be Lady Gaga!

My costume vision this year...

With only a few days left to go, I really felt the need to push myself that extra bit during my workouts so I feel great in my costume. Not all of us are blessed like Lady Gaga to look great in a leotard without working out religiously... On Monday I visited Equinox for Boot Camp with my favorite Instructor, Frank. In addition to the usual ropes, triceps dips, step ups, and sprints, we did a few more extra hard workouts to ensure that everyone looked great this weekend (and got ahead on burning off those few extra candy calories we might be consuming) :-)

The first newbee in my repertoire is called a renegade row - and boy is it renegade. You begin in the basic "Up" position of a push up while holding 5-10 lbs. weights in each hand. Instead of pressing down, you maintain a straight back and shoulders while alternating a "Row" up with each weight. It is important you look down towards the ground at all times so as not to injure your neck! This is a great and fast way to work your back and arms for those sassy costumes!

The other killer new addition, is based on a simple sit up, but instead of just crunching, you lie flat on the floor and pull your entire torso up and alternate center, left, right, center left, right, etc... while it doesn't sound like much, after 20 seconds my tummy was burning.

Hope you enjoy these new workouts as much as I did! Keep feeling the burn until it's time to trick or treat and you'll know it was worth it after looking in the mirror. :-)

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