Monday, September 27, 2010

changing colors

with the change of seasons, i'm thinking of trying a new route to my website...

for the past few years - i've been very interested in staying in shape through diet and exercise, but after moving to new york, it's been very hard to stay in my routine with the convenient transportation and plethora of good eats.

first off - i need to set some realistic goals for myself. i'll plan on upping my weekly workouts from 4x a week to 5x-6x per week, alternating between moderate-heavy cardio and strength training workouts. in terms of my diet - i'd like to stay within my budget, but cut out my all-too-frequent naughty indulgences by enjoying a small breakfast, with a lunch time protein rich salad, and a lighter well-balanced dinner.

i'll also try to incorporate some workout friendly fashion finds as my nouveau new york life begins - and with my current membership at equinox in brooklyn heights, it won't be hard to stay motivated to look my best while sweating my way back to my old LA self.

what do you think of this new seed?

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