Thursday, June 3, 2010

train kept a'rollin...

Another weekend has passed, and another one is on the way - story of my life! the weekend with shenANAgins and her lil' bro Aric was amazing, save my 48 hours of death on the couch as a result of food poisoning while stephen was at the USA/Turkey Fut Match in Philly.

we did the mico tour of NYC - times square, hello kitty store and central park - before heading back to our brooklyn abode to rest up for a night on the town with some tasty pizza pie from monty-qs and some brewskis from brooklyn brewery and blue moon. if i hadn't forgotten my id like the party amateur that i am - it would have been the perfect end to the perfect day :-)

after stephen and i parted ways with the kuschinsky clan as they headed out to jersey to wrap up their BIG APPLE vacation, we checked some more items off of our netflix queue including, drumroll please, the end of the twin peaks saga, which i must say was quite disappointing (but let's face it: it went sour ever since they killed off laura palmer's dad), and watched a rather entertaining documentary about beer!

with the taste of a long weekend still on my tongue, the upcoming average two-day will undoubtedly go by much too fast, but nonetheless it chock-full of plans and good times!

this evening, stephen and i look forward to a free screening of "get him to the greek" with our favorite, jonah hill. after wrapping up another long day of work, i'm going to meet a friend from l.a., danielle, who just so happens to be my old boss' girlfriend! i'm taking her to a local restaurant literally two steps away from our apartment called "the loading dock." it resembles an la food truck outside, but inside it's a pretentious hipster hotspot, founded by some l.a. natives, with a taste for the west - aka i'm there! the rest of the weekend is pretty open, something that is much welcomed to stephen and i after a busy weekend around the city...

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