Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend in gotham

right on schedule, my monday doldrums have set it. i had a fabulous weekend filled with my favorite activities, and now i'm back here at work in the rat race once again.

on friday night i was able to catch up with my best friend from high school, annie. it's crazy talking about life and realizing how much we've grown up since meeting in crazy mr. wilson's pottery class. although there's a lot of changes in life, jobs come and go, seasons change - it's nice to know you still have the same friends by your side.

stephen got home a bit later, so we trekked out in the pouring rain to get a bottle of wine from our favorite neighborhood wine store, the brooklyn wine exchange, and picked up some ingredients for burgers at trader joes. after cooking some comfort food, we enjoyed watching reality bites and munched on some fro yo from yogo monster (which is even worse than red mango - pinkberry and menchies are still the best!)

saturday and sunday were excellent adventure days. stephen and i woke up saturday and ran the brooklyn bridge up to union square (ran through china town, tribeca and soho - awesome!) and took the 6 up to the upper east side to hunt for the second season of twin peaks in a very seinfeld-esque movie rental joint. we stopped for a bite to eat at lenny's and then made the journey home with a pit stop at whole foods to pick up some classy fare for our anniversary dinner. sunday i had the pleasure of taking high tea with miss carmen kartini-rohde in the upper east side at alice's tea cup, and as usual i was late, late for a very important date! while i took my time arriving at tea - i enjoyed a quick stroll through the southeastern corner of central park and drooled over barney's window fronts. after tea i jetted (on the subway of course) out to east brooklyn for a cozy bbq hosted by stephen's roommate from college - i love love loved the neighborhood vibe of the brownstones out there. before heading off to bed - stephen and i enjoyed part of the second season of twin peaks... i definitely recommend watching it if you enjoy cozy 90s crime dramas.

now that the weeked is over, i'm yearning for more weekend adventures and already can't wait for next friday afternoon to roll around. until then, it's the weekday blues in the big apple for me ;-)


  1. I want it to be Friday too! Can't wait to come visit you in NYC!

  2. me neither! keep me posted - i'd love to start planning activities... you know how i am ;)