Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Viewer is Present

almost another week under my belt, and again anxiously awaiting another big apple weekend.

what to do? what's on the queue?

first up: amuse-bouche galore a la SnL... kobe beef sliders, pulled pork on toast and chicken club tea sandwiches along with some twin peaks episodes and hopefully a special selection of vintage viewing from mr. video iii in b-heights.

saturday's agenda: after receiving some tough love from my favorite east coast gay fitness guru, carl in the form of fit, fierce and fabulous, i believe stephen and i will polish ourselves up for some culture on the U.E.S. at MoMA and enjoy marina abramovic's "the artist is present" exhibit (remember her from episode 86 of S&tC?) along with a glimpse of picasso's display. after getting our uptown fix - we'll head back to brooklyn for another relaxing night in, and hopefully a pizza-pie to go from the local greasy spoon.

what's in store for sunday: to cure our sunday doldrums, we're going to try and theater hop to see kickass and hopefully, fingers crossed that it's still playing, the ghost writer. after that, we're footloose and fancy free to do whatever we like to cure those last day of the weekend blues...

let me know if you have any recommendations for MoMA musts!

xoxo, little seed big apple, ElleDT

1 comment:

  1. at the moma you need to check out all the naked folk! and the marilyn monroe warhol ;)