Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a tree grows in brooklyn

my bags are unpacked, and i've planted my roots in brooklyn...

i arrived here in the big apple three weeks ago, and already my experience in new york has left me with high expectations. i arrived at jfk tuesday afternoon from san francisco, ca, and while i will always and forever miss my west coast life i already feel as though i've made a home for myself here. stephen and i rented an apartment in brooklyn heights - my idea of the "upper east side" of brooklyn, gossip girl style :-) while the finishing touches have yet to be adorned, the furnishings in our chic modern studio are coming along quite nicely!

during my first few days in the city that never sleeps, i was fortunate enough to have stephen's family in town to introduce me to the fun and fabulous ins and outs of manhattan. i was wined, dined, cultured and dolled up! we supped at Craft, toasted at The GPH, and shopped at Saks. i felt like a new york socialite, to say the least.

i'm halfway through my second week of work at owl creek - a small boutique hedge fund located in midtown by rockefeller center. on my first day of work i arrived before anyone else had shown up to the office so i treated myself to a cup of tea from dean & deluca and stole a glance at al roker on my way up to work. so far, my job seems very low key, i serve as one of 5 other assistants to a team of about 40 investment professionals including 10 or so traders. everyday they provide breakfast and lunch for me with a choice of a dozen local restaurants, the only catch is i have to deliver everyone else's meals to them.

i decided to start a blog to keep my family and friends updated on my new adventure in nyc. i'll try to keep everyone posted on a weekly basis, and promise to post some pictures soon :-)


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  1. I'm sooooo excited you started a blog and I saw that you checked out my lame ass blog too!