Wednesday, April 21, 2010

let's get physical, physical!

i finally joined a gym - diesel lindsey is B-A-C-K! ever since i started packing up my belongins in LA, it's been hard to find the time for my usual runs as well as spin and yoga classes, but now that i've finally settled into the city that never sleeps, i treated my self to a gym membership at equinox in brooklyn heights. i took a kettle bell class last night, and it feels so rewarding to whip myself back in shape. i really can tell that i'm more alert and happy with a workout regimine back in my routine. now i just need to find healthier options for food at work... darn free food!


  1. LOVE Twin Peaks...amazing

    Glad you are enjoying your new urban environs...

  2. oops commented on wrong post...but you get it