Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monochromatic Winter Weekend

While being cooped up all weekend, B and I tackled some much needed reorganization and packing as we prep to move into our new home at the end of the month. (We are so excited!) While the task is a bit daunting, it was extremely rewarding being able to clean out the closets; setting aside donation piles, resell piles and rediscovering some old favorites. 

During our early-Spring cleaning, I found my Eugenia Kim hat hiding in the back of my closet; a treasured floppy hat with an old Hollywood vibe that I purchased during my NYC days. B and I decided to pair it with my Burberry pea coat, and shoot it during the Portland snow storm. The black on black ensemble complemented the crisp white backdrop perfectly. Hopefully this will motivate me to wear it a little bit more often!

{Hat: Eugenia Kim; Coat: Burberry; Scarf: ASOS; Tights: Madewell; Boots: Rag & Bone}


Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Day in Stumptown

Portland's temperatures rarely drop below freezing, yet over the weekend we welcomed the coziest snow storm I have ever experienced. Nike campus closed early on Thursday, the city shut down, and B and I watched the big flurries drift by our window. With everyone tucked away inside all weekend long, the streets were a ghost town.

B and I woke up Saturday morning feeling quite cooped up, so we headed out for a short run along the empty streets with Stumprunners. After cleaning up from our workout, I bundled up in my Canada Goose jacket to do some more exploring with B along the Park Blocks. The snow covered sidewalks, and fluffy snow banks were the perfect recipe for an impromptu snow angel or snow ball attack, and my coat kept me warm and shielded from the elements.

{Jacket: Canada Goose Trillium Parka; Vest: Nike; Boots: Nike Terra Arktos}

Monday, December 9, 2013

Equipped for the Elements

Much to my dismay, Portland has been experiencing record breaking temperatures - south of freezing. On Friday, B and I even woke up to a dusting of snow! Thankfully, this former east coaster kept her winter gear close at hand, and have been showing the people of Portlandia a thing or two about how to stay properly warm. 

Over the weekend, B was busy organizing the Nike Cross Nationals - a cross country race where the top high school athletes compete to see who can brave an obstacle course of running in quickest time possible. Being that the race was outdoors, we both bundled up, and stuffed heat packets into our gloves and shoes to make the frosty temps a bit more bearable.  One of my lifesavers had to be the new Nike Lunarterra Arktos boots B surprised me with. They make any chilly condition tolerable, and all the more stylish. With their waterproof exterior, and removable sock lining, they are a wintertime must have. They paired perfectly with my Nike Aeroloft vest! 

What is your wintertime go-to-shoe?

{The perfect collision of warmth, comfort and style: Nike Lunarterra Arktos}

{Aeroloft: As warm as necessary, not as possible}

{Bra; Nike Black label; Boots: Nike Lunarterra Arktos; Vest: Nike Aeroloft; Gloves: Nike Running}

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Portland Park Blocks

For the second engagement shoot venue, B and I chose our neighborhood in Downtown Portland - the Southwest Park Blocks. With the stunning array of autumnal colors and secluded picturesque streets, it was the perfect spot to commemorate the beginning of our lives together in Oregon. 

I still can't get over how perfectly Bethany captured our happiness. Every photo personifies our quirky dynamic together. B truly is my best friend, and we cannot wait to spent the rest of our lives together. B is everything to me - but I think most importantly, he makes me smile.

{Lindsey: Sweater: Rag & Bone; Skirt: ASOS; Boots: Prada /
Brian: Shirt: GapPants: Rag & Bone; Boots: Timberland; Bracelet:Miansai }

Monday, November 11, 2013

Enchanted Forest

A few weeks ago, B and I met up with our friend Bethany to get our engagement pictures taken. We really wanted to pick a couple of environments around Portland that represented our relationship. One of the spots, Forest Park's Leif Erikson Trail, is the first place B took me running when I was job hunting in Portland a year ago. It's a place we often explore on the weekends, where we fell in love, and no matter what, always takes our breath away. 

If you live in the Pacific Northwest area, and are looking for a topnotch photographer, I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to Bethany Small Photography. She  has an excellent eye that captures the moment. B and I are absolutely in love with these photos as they truly represent our personalities and love for each other. Here are some snippets from our Forest Park shoot...

{Brian: Nike Explorer Trail Running Jacket, Nike Hyperfeel Shoes; Nike Gyakusou Pants; Nike Aeroloft Vest /
Lindsey: Nike LA84 Jacket; Nike Black Label Leggings; Nike Sneakerboots}

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


There's nothing better than lazing around in your coziest sweatshirt and comfiest kicks. Ensure those staples have a little bit of style, and you are set for a chic sofa session. My pair of Air Max Thea sneakers are the perfect compliment to the playful sweatshirt from the Phillip Lim for Target collection. The comic strip print can match with your favorite pair of leggings, or even work with a flared and/or leather skirt. It's Polished meets practicality - you all know how I feel about that.

{Sweatshirt: Phillip Lim for Target; Leggins: Nike Legend; Shoes: Nike Air Max Thea}

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Floral

A new color palette has arrived in Portland. The hues of Autumn are slowly emerging - the omnipresent green of summertime is being replaced by breathtaking bronze, gold and copper. The crisp air offers a renewed desire to explore the city and the surrounding parks. 

On Saturday morning, despite being a bit glum with B away on business travel, I explored a new stretch of trail with my run crew, Stumprunners, in Portland which leads up to the historic Pittock Mansion - a victorian property sitting atop one of the highest hills, which offers the most astounding views of the city and Mt. Hood. After recuperating from my 9 miles of exhilaration, I put on my newest wardrobe addition - a dress I was able to score from the Phillip Lim for Target collection - and headed out for a walk around town with Chewy. Despite not having an agenda, it felt fun and refreshing to get a little bit dolled up for an activity I usually tend to perform in sweats or jeans. Were you able to snatch anything up from the Phillip Lim for Target collection?

{Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target; Booties: Rag & Bone; Bracelet: Nordstrom}